Sunday, May 3, 2015

End of Year

I can hardly believe we have only 20 days left in the school year.  It has been such a pleasure to be your children's teacher.  We have learned much and had fun.  I am not ready to let them go, but they are ready to move on. However, we still have 20 days together and much to do.

Kindergarten Celebration
Mark your calendar for Friday, May 22nd 9:00 a.m.  We will be having a Kindergarten Celebration in our room to celebrate the year and the children's successes. We will have movie of memories to share, class awards to give out, and refreshments. We would love for you to join us.  Please watch for an invitation later this week and send back your RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

Field Day
Field Day will be held Thursday, May 28th with a rain date of Friday, May 29th.  This is a day filled with fun outdoor activities.  If you have questions about this day, please let me know.

End of Year Assessments
The end of year assessments will begin next week.  We will be reviewing this week.  I will include the assessment schedule as part of the homework schedule beginning next week. Next week will also be the last Spelling test.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Elf Arrival

We returned to school today to find that Santa had sent an Elf on the Shelf to our class. The students named him Tricky. The students are tracking his activities in their daily journals.  Watch for pictures of our class elf and his activities.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Classroom Grants!!!!

I am so excited to share this news with you! I wrote and submitted two grants for our classroom to Tri-Creek Education Foundation and they fully funded both of them, totaling $2,649.25!

The first grant, Coding in Kindergarten, is for 5 Dash robots for our classroom at a cost of $845.00. The students will use coding apps on the iPads to program the robots to move and interact. This will promote and develop great problem solving, higher thinking, and collaboration skills. We hope to receive them in January. Please follow these links to learn more about the newest additions to our classroom. 

The second grant I wrote with Mrs. Depa and Miss Bugajski to benefit all our Kinders, Seating for the 21st Century Student, is for 40 stability balls and 35 stability cushions at a cost of 1,804.25. These will give the students the opportunity to move while sitting and improve focus and concentration by building their balance and core. We hope to receive these in December or January. Please see the following links to learn more about our alternative seating options.  stability cushion  Stability ball

This educational opportunity was made possible with funding by the Tri-Creek Education
Foundation, Inc.  As a result of its fundraising success, the Foundation is able to provide
grants for innovative projects like this activity.  My class and I are grateful for the
Foundation’s support in enhancing student learning throughout the school corporation.
For additional information, please contact the Foundation at 219.750.1262 or visit their
website at

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 14 11/16/14

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Thank you all for coming to Parent/Teacher conferences! I appreciate your support and input in your child's education. 

Rest and Read
You may have heard your child speaking of rest or nap time again. Two weeks ago, one of the students asked why we were no longer taking rests. I asked the class if they would like to have rest time again and they all said yes. So, we are again incorporating a rest time in our day. Each day after recess, the students lay down and listen as I read from a chapter book (currently, Winnie the Pooh) or watch a short educational video for 10-20 minutes. Your child may bring a towel to lay on if he/she would like. 

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be coming home this Friday. As promised, I have updated the 2nd quarter expectations to match the new standards and I will be sending them home with the progress reports on Friday.  On the expectations sheet you will receive Friday, you will see areas your child needs to continue practicing to become proficient by December 8th when we will begin assessing for report cards. Please review these areas daily with your child. 

You will begin to see a change in your child's homework. We will be completing the sight word poems in class so that you can work with your child to practice his/her sight/spelling words daily. Please spend 5 minutes of your child's nightly reading time practicing his/her word list. 
Math homework will reflect concepts we are working on in class. 

The reading bag your child brought home last week, is to be kept at home. Your child has additional books in his/her desk to read in class. Periodically, as this bag fills up, we will send more books home to stay. 

We will celebrate Thanksgiving in our class on Wednesday, November 26. We will be creating a symbolic snack mix of puffed popcorn (to represent crops), Goldfish crackers (to represent fishing), and animal crackers (to represent hunting).  If you would be willing to send in any of these ingredients, please let me know. 

We will also be celebrating the filling of our 2nd Tiger Tail with a pajama/movie day on this day. Our class will be watching Winnie the Pooh as a response to reading the book. Then we will compare the book and movie. Your child may bring a small stuffed animal or small (travel size) pillow with him/her on this day as well. Please make sure it fits in your child's backpack. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

End of 1st Quarter

Time has gone by so quickly and the students have grown so much already. I am so proud of their hard work and the progress they have made. 

We had a wonderful study trip to the police station, fire station, and the park. The students had fun learning to be safe. A Big thank you to our chaperones!  Our trip would not have been possible without your help

This week & next week in Math, we are:  identify, creating, and explaining patterns; exploring the numbers 17-20. We are also reviewing all 1st quarter skills. 
In Reading, we will continue practicing: rhyming; blending sounds: identifying beginning and ending sounds. We will also review letters, letter sounds, and sight words.  We are learning about and identifying the characters and settings in stories. 
In Writing, the students are creating pattern sentence books. 

Homework this week & next will be reading, a daily Math page (M-Th), and practicing the words on your child's spelling or sight word list. We will assess the students on these words this Friday, if they are ready. If not, they will be assessed on Monday.  There will be not spelling or sight word lists next week as it is a 3 day week. 

All 26 letters, uppercase & lowercase, have now been introduced. We have learned 16 sight words, 7 color words, and 7 number words. Next week at conferences, you will receive an update word list showing which words we are introducing each week.  

As you may know, Indiana decided not to use the Common Core Standards and instead created our own state standards this past Spring/Summer. On November 4th, I will be meeting with other Kindergarten teachers in our district to update our expectations to align with the new Indiana Standards.  Then the week of November 10, I will be sending home a second quarter expectations sheet as well as posting the quarterly expectations on this blog.  

Next week is parent/teacher conferences and our class Halloween party followed by Fall Break. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child progress and next steps. 

One final note: Please begin saving shoe boxes. For a Christmas project each student will need a shoebox. I will be send more information about this project soon, but I wanted to let you know about the shoebox as soon as possible. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome Fall

This Week's Learning Goals
  • Identify, write, and say the sound for the letters: Jj, Uu, Qq, Ee
    • Letters introduced so far: Mm, Cc, Aa, Tt, Ss, Rr, Ii, Pp, Ff, Bb, Ll, Oo, Gg, Nn, Dd, Hh
  • Read and write the sight words: go, look
    • Sight words introduced so far: I, see, like, a, can, the, we, to, am, my
  • Read the color word orange and the number word five
    • Color and number words introduced so far: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, zero, one, two, three, four
  • Write a pattern story (i.e. I like dogs. I like cats. I like rabbits.)
  • Identify the parts of a book: front cover, back cover, title page, word & letter
  • Identify, write, and demonstrate understanding of 11-15 
  • Count to 30 by 1s and 10s
  • Sort objects by 2 attributes: color, size, shape, etc..
  • Identify # of sides: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon
We have a busy, fun, fall ahead of us. This week, we have our pajama/stuffed animal day. Next week, the fire department visits Lake Prairie for Fire Safety Week. The following week, we visit the police and fire stations. And then, our Halloween party is on October 29th. Nicole Thiel is our head parent for the party. If you signed up to help, she will be contacting in the next couple of weeks. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 5

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be sent home with your student this Friday.  I have also begun putting grade in Skyward so that you can watch your child's progress. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

This Week's Learning Goals
  • Identify, write, and say the sound for the letters: Ff, Bb, Ll, Oo
    • Letters introduced so far: Mm, Cc, Aa, Tt, Ss, Rr, Ii, Pp
  • Read and write the sight words: we, to
    • Sight words introduced so far: I, see, like, a, can, the
  • Read the color word yellow and the number word
    • Color and number words introduced so far: red, blue, green, zero, one, two
  • Identify rhyming words
  • Draw a picture to tell a story
  • Identify the parts of a book: front cover, back cover, title page, word & letter
  • Make connections between stories we read and other stories, myself, and the world
  • Identify, write, and demonstrate understanding of 0-10 
  • Count to 30 by 1s and 10s
  • Sort object by color, size, shape, etc..
  • Identify # of sides: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the positions: above, below, beside, in front of, behind, next to
Rocket Math
We have been practicing writing the 0-9 and will continue to review these this week. In the next week or so, we will be adding a number writing page to the practice pages in your child's take home folder. Your child should practice tracing/writing this number using his/her finger or a dry erase marker. Please do not take the page out of the page protector.