Monday, November 17, 2014

Classroom Grants!!!!

I am so excited to share this news with you! I wrote and submitted two grants for our classroom to Tri-Creek Education Foundation and they fully funded both of them, totaling $2,649.25!

The first grant, Coding in Kindergarten, is for 5 Dash robots for our classroom at a cost of $845.00. The students will use coding apps on the iPads to program the robots to move and interact. This will promote and develop great problem solving, higher thinking, and collaboration skills. We hope to receive them in January. Please follow these links to learn more about the newest additions to our classroom. 

The second grant I wrote with Mrs. Depa and Miss Bugajski to benefit all our Kinders, Seating for the 21st Century Student, is for 40 stability balls and 35 stability cushions at a cost of 1,804.25. These will give the students the opportunity to move while sitting and improve focus and concentration by building their balance and core. We hope to receive these in December or January. Please see the following links to learn more about our alternative seating options.  stability cushion  Stability ball

This educational opportunity was made possible with funding by the Tri-Creek Education
Foundation, Inc.  As a result of its fundraising success, the Foundation is able to provide
grants for innovative projects like this activity.  My class and I are grateful for the
Foundation’s support in enhancing student learning throughout the school corporation.
For additional information, please contact the Foundation at 219.750.1262 or visit their
website at

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