Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 14 11/16/14

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Thank you all for coming to Parent/Teacher conferences! I appreciate your support and input in your child's education. 

Rest and Read
You may have heard your child speaking of rest or nap time again. Two weeks ago, one of the students asked why we were no longer taking rests. I asked the class if they would like to have rest time again and they all said yes. So, we are again incorporating a rest time in our day. Each day after recess, the students lay down and listen as I read from a chapter book (currently, Winnie the Pooh) or watch a short educational video for 10-20 minutes. Your child may bring a towel to lay on if he/she would like. 

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be coming home this Friday. As promised, I have updated the 2nd quarter expectations to match the new standards and I will be sending them home with the progress reports on Friday.  On the expectations sheet you will receive Friday, you will see areas your child needs to continue practicing to become proficient by December 8th when we will begin assessing for report cards. Please review these areas daily with your child. 

You will begin to see a change in your child's homework. We will be completing the sight word poems in class so that you can work with your child to practice his/her sight/spelling words daily. Please spend 5 minutes of your child's nightly reading time practicing his/her word list. 
Math homework will reflect concepts we are working on in class. 

The reading bag your child brought home last week, is to be kept at home. Your child has additional books in his/her desk to read in class. Periodically, as this bag fills up, we will send more books home to stay. 

We will celebrate Thanksgiving in our class on Wednesday, November 26. We will be creating a symbolic snack mix of puffed popcorn (to represent crops), Goldfish crackers (to represent fishing), and animal crackers (to represent hunting).  If you would be willing to send in any of these ingredients, please let me know. 

We will also be celebrating the filling of our 2nd Tiger Tail with a pajama/movie day on this day. Our class will be watching Winnie the Pooh as a response to reading the book. Then we will compare the book and movie. Your child may bring a small stuffed animal or small (travel size) pillow with him/her on this day as well. Please make sure it fits in your child's backpack. 

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