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Spelling City
This site allow students to learn their sight words while playing games.  Each student has an individual list set up with 8 sight words for him/her to learn. As your student learns the words, I will add new words until he/she has mastered all 68 words. Look for the list that has your students initials.  Click on your student's initials. Then choose "Teach Me" to learn the words or "Play a Game".

IXL-First Grade Math
A great site to practice counting up to 100, identifying patterns, shapes and more. With the rigor of the Common Core Standards, the first grade activities line up with many of our standards.

A great Math & Reading site.  Your student logs on with his/her Harmony username & password and can practice Math & Reading skills based on the Common Core Standards.  Weekly assignments are completed during Literacy Stations and Learning Centers in class

Another great Math & Reading site. Your student learns while playing games.

A great place to play while learning.  Your student can move through the levels from learning letters and sounds to reading.

Moon Rock Patterns
One of the games you can play on ABCya.com.  Making and identifying patterns builds a foundation for Mathematics.

A list (with links) to online pattern games & practice.

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